South Korea's military says 5.6 quake in North Korea was artificial, analyzing if nuclear test
North Korean state media claims that its leader inspects the loading of a hydrogen bomb into a new ICBM.
North Korea: UN needs to discuss US-South Korea drills
Man arrested after assault on police at Buckingham Palace
Trump to watch eclipse from White House
Trump touts new UN action on North Korea
London police say tower block fatality figures likely to rise in complex recovery operation
London fire officials say residents are being evacuated from a burning high-rise and a number of people are injured
Projected loss of Conservative seats is major blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May
Donald Trump's most vicious feuds
US President Donald Trump touches down in Saudi Arabia for first overseas trip
Rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dropped
Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russians
Paris police warn people to avoid Champs Elysees area; French media report 2 police shot
German soccer team Borussia Dortmund says in a tweet there has been an explosion on the team bus; no players injured
Syrian state TV reports US missile attack on number of military targets, calls the attack an "aggression"
Democrats block Trump's Supreme Court nominee; GOP poised for historic Senate rules change to confirm Neil Gorsuch.
Russian state media: An explosion at the St. Petersburg subway has injured an unknown number of people
Hawaii says government can't alter order on Trump travel ban
Judge in Hawaii puts revised federal travel ban on hold
Trump expected to sign new travel ban order
Malaysia's foreign minister says the government has expelled the North Korean ambassador over Kim Jong Nam killing
Small plane crashes in central Pakistan killing 2
Donald Trump touts recent immigration raids, calls them a 'military operation'
No sign of wounds, heart attack on body of Kim Jong Nam
North Korean leader's half-brother killed in Malaysia in possible poison attack, police say
Harward turns Trump down for national security adviser job
Appeals court says decision on Trump travel ban will be filed before close of business day in California
US judge temporarily blocks Trump's travel ban nationwide
Official: Mexico's president 'considering' scrapping US trip